Kyle Trieu Co-President






Hi, I’m Kyle Trieu, and I’m a junior in Mechanical Engineering, with a minor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.  Outside of ASME, I am an active member in CalSTAR and AFX.  Within the realm of engineering, I am interested in product design and aerospace technologies. Some of my non-academic hobbies include dance, cooking, and exploring the outdoors. I am excited to be working with ASME to give back to the Mechanical Engineering community and to improve the experience of mechanical engineers at Cal.


Asena Yildiz  – Co-President






My name is Asena Yildiz, and I am a third year Mechanical Engineering student.  I’m the Co-President of ASME, and I’m excited to grow our organization and run awesome events!  In addition to ASME, I am an active member of SWE, ULAB, and CalSol, while also being an RA in the Residence Halls.  Within engineering, robotics, product design, and sustainability are my main passions!


Eric Wang – Treasurer

Hi, my name is Eric Wang and I am a sophomore currently majoring in mechanical engineering at Cal! Besides working with my fellow ASME officers I also enjoy engaging in research, performing violin, and finding eateries with friends as well as listening to classical music/jazz/pop rock. Very excited to be on board ASME for my first year!


Sneh GirdharSecretary


Alex Yang – Corporate Relations


Quoc Ho – Corporate Relations

Cheljea Jang – Programs

Issac Bae – Programs

Phoebe LinOutreach






Hi everyone! I’m a second year studying mechanical engineering looking to get a certificate in design. My main interests in mechanical engineering and design are product design, graphic design, and UI/UX. Some of my hobbies include playing guitar, drawing, and singing. Excited to be helping build ASME’s online presence and connecting with other mechanical engineers!