About ASME at Cal

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is an international, professional organization connecting Mechanical Engineers, both in the field and in academia, around the world.  Here at Cal, ASME is both a pre-professional and an educational organzation geared towards fostering and enriching the academic experience of M.E. students at Berkeley.

We strive to serve the M.E. community with both career-building and social activities and events to help round out the education that you receive at Cal.  We provide resume workshops and infosessions so that students can not only best showcase their skills, but find the perfect summer internships and jobs.  We also host various social activites such as aoour weekly Cookie Hour and inter-societal BBQ’s and game nights, so that you can meet other engineers, hang out with friends, or make new ones!  The UC Berkeley Student Chapter of ASME is here to help you make the best of your four years at Cal.  Remember it’s all about M.E.!

How to Join

Joining Cal ASME is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Sign up for our mailing list (email us at asme.cal@gmail.com, or come to any of our events to subscrube!)
  2. Attend ASME’s various events and become part of our ME family

This is all you need to do to become a member of ASME at Cal! But for extra discounts and benefits (both social and professional) we encourage you to join ASME National.

  1. Join the ASME National Chapter and reap the benefits of networking with M.E. professionals, attending ASME seminars, and tons more!
  2. Visit: http://www.asme.org/Membership/Join/

**As a Freshman, your membership with ASME National is FREE!**


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